'Uge Choppa Nob
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Ork slugga nob
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'Uge Choppa Slugga Nob are even tougher Slugga Nobs, carrying better armor and weapons. They can take enormous punishment before falling, and can destroy or badly wound Captain Titus with just a couple of melee attacks.

Strategy Edit

As with normal Slugga Nobs, you should kite and shoot the Nob to stun it instead of rushing in to close combat. However, these are so tough that you should blast it with a Lascannon while it's closing, or have a Melta Gun equipped to kite it with lesser risk. If necessary, use Fury mode to  Execute them quickly.

Once the Nob is stunned, you must go through the "struggle" sequence if you want to Execute it. As with regular Slugga Nobz, it is possible to defeat them in melee without taking much damage (granted that no other ork adversaries are assailing you at the same time), simply by charging into them repeatedly. Each charge staggers the 'Uge Choppa Nob, preventing it from hitting you and stopping it if it was charging. Repeatedly smashing your bulk into its will gradually wear it down while preventing it from striking you. However, note that the 'Uge Slugga Nob is staggered for a shorter duration than the normal Slugga Nob, so your attacks must be timed perfectly to prevent it from counter-attacking. Generally, however, their formidable combat capabilites mean that they are often worth expending a Fury Execution on.

'Uge Choppa Slugga Nobz should be avoided in melee if possible when playing the Exterminatus mode unless there is an assault marine with Killing Blow perk to counter the danger

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