Armor Blood Disciples

Blood Disciples Armor

The Blood Disciples Armor is a power armor set in Space Marine multiplayer. It is unlocked by killing opponents in close combat.


The Blood Disciples warband includes a large number of Raptors and is feared for their aerial assaults on targets of all types. Modifications to Raptor armor made by the Blood Disciples have now found their way into many different warbands.

Note: This armor set was creatured specially for Raptor, as Raptor's Shock Armour.


  • Close Quarters: Kill 20 enemies in close combat (+100 XP)
  • Wet Work: Kill 25 enemies in close combat (vambraces and +250 XP)
  • Face to Face: Kill 50 enemies in close combat (breast plate and +500 XP)
  • Carnage: Kill 100 enemies in close combat (shoulder pads and +1000 XP)
  • Butchery: Kill 200 enemies in close combat (+2000 XP)
  • Draped in Blood: Kill 500 enemies in close combat (+5000 XP)

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