Bloodletter Daemon
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Bloodletters are lesser daemons of Khorne. They act as melee damage dealers with the ability to teleport short distances.


Summoned directly from the Warp, the Bloodletters strike fear and despair into the hearts of men. Their vicious Hellblades inflict a powerful rending force attack which can be devastating even to a Space Marine. Being essentially incorporeal, they can "warp" short distances to close to within arm's reach and avoid attrition at ranges greater than that.

They represent the vicious spirit of war, and though they may seem mindlessly bloodthirsty they are in fact highly intelligent. In large enough numbers they utilise precise and orderly military manoeuvres, moving in formation and executing sophisticated tactics, while in smaller engagements and frenetic melee they break off into packs, and according to their bloodlust gleefully chase down and slaughter anyone they encounter. In this they savour the hunt, taking sport in causing terror and humiliation, and revelling competitively in wanton displays of brutality - leaping upon enemies and dispatching them in imaginative, ostentatious, and invariably grisly ways.


An effective way to counter their teleportation is to either not shoot at them, since they won't teleport unless shot at, or get a weapon powerful enough to kill them before they teleport. Meltaguns work well for this, as they can disintegrate a pack of Bloodletters at close range in a single and, at that range, inescapable blast. If they reach melee range, go on the offensive, since they can deal quite a bit of damage, but can't take as much. Note that some Renegade Militia from Chapter 15 onwards can summon Bloodletters on death.