Raptor 24x16
Chainsword chaos
UnlockLevel 1
Dmg HPDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14
SpeedDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14
DetailsConsecrated to the dark powers of Chaos, this chainsword hums with the bloodlust of its dark masters.

The Chainsword is a sword with a motorized chainsaw-like edge, and is the standard close-combat weapon for the Raptor Chaos Space Marine class in multiplayer.


Consecrated to the dark powers of Chaos, this chainsword hums with the bloodlust of its dark masters. These dark rites have not reduced the weapon's speed or precision on the battlefield.

The standard melee weapon for a Chaos Space Marine, with motorized monomolecular-edged teeth capable of slicing through armour, flesh, and bone. Fast and responsive, it is capable of sawing through a variety of enemies.

The chainsword has a 4 hit combo which will cause the marine to travel approximately 19 meters forward. It is the fastest of the three weapons available to the Raptor, but does the least damage per hit.

Sword Combos
Strike # Normal Damage Dreadnought
1 65 3.3%
2 70 3.5%
3 74 4.5%
4 82 7%
Total 291 18%

Weapon PerksEdit

Healing attackSwordsman's ZealRegain some health with every successful strike of the Chainsword.

See alsoEdit


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