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Combat Knife
DetailsNo Space Marine leaves home without it.

The Combat Knife is the most basic close-combat weapon of the Space Marines. It is the default melee weapon for Captain Titus in the single-player campaign.

The Combat Knife is permanently replaced by the Chainsword during Chapter 2.

The Combat Knife consists of a large, smooth blade attached to a metal handle wrapped in tight leather bandages, with a small skull on the pommel.


Attack Effect PC X360 PS3
Slash Light damage Rmb 16 X360 X Ps3 square
Heavy Slash Medium damage Rmb 16Rmb 16 X360 XX360 X Ps3 squarePs3 square
Heavy Stab Heavy damage Rmb 16Rmb 16Rmb 16 X360 XX360 XX360 X Ps3 squarePs3 squarePs3 square
Backhand Light stun/interrupt (single target) Keyboard F X360 Y Ps3 triangle
Kick Medium stun (wedge) Rmb 16Keyboard F X360 XX360 Y Ps3 squarePs3 triangle
Shoulder Bash Heavy stun (large wedge) Rmb 16Rmb 16Keyboard F X360 XX360 XX360 Y Ps3 squarePs3 squarePs3 triangle

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