Improved Twin-Link
Tactical 24x16Tactical csm 24x16
Custom weighting
UnlockPerform 30 Killstreaks
DetailsImproved handling when firing a Storm Bolter or Twin Bolter from the hip.

Improved Twin-Link is a Tactical class weapon perk unlocked by performing 30 Killstreaks with the Storm Bolter or Twin Bolter.

Description Edit

The perk significantly improves the accuracy of said weapons when firing from the hip (not zoomed).

It appears to have no effect on the weapon when fired from aim/zoom mode. However, it makes the weapon very effective when used at close to medium range, maintaining accuracy while allowing the freedom of mobility granted by hipfire.

Visual change Edit

Choosing this Perk will change the appearance of the Storm Bolter and the Twin Bolter.

Storm Bolter:

Twin Bolter:

See also Edit

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