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Interrupt Attacks are melee attacks that stun or stagger an enemy preventing them from doing anything for a short time.

There are two levels of severity that a player can be stunned by: light and heavy. A light stun causes a Marine to appear as though he is flinching. A heavy stun lasts longer, and the Marine visibly staggers.

Generally, Interrupt Attacks executed later in a combo (e.g. Attack-Attack-Stun) have a longer range and/or area of effect and induce the staggering heavy stun, compared to Interrupt attacks earlier in a combo which will have a shorter range and only cause a light stun.


Assault/Raptor stuns appear to do the following damage: backhand 25, kick 35, shoulder bash 50, stomp 75, fast stomp 50, axe smash 100.

The damage of Tactical Marine stuns: backhand 35, kick 40, shoulder bash 25, stomp 75.

The damage of Devastator/Havoc stuns: kick 30, stomp 75 (150 with Furious Stomp).

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