Kombi-Rokkit Nob
Ork icon 24
Ork big shoota nob
DamageDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14

Kombi-Rokkit Nobz are larger, deadlier, and more accurate Shoota Nobz upgraded with better armor and a big shoota/rokkit launcha kombi-weapon to increase their killyness.


Like Rokkit Boyz, they fire off inaccurate rokkits; however, Nobz fire them in bursts of 3, and then switch to their big shoota, then reload the rokkits after blasting away with the big shoota for a while. Stay on the move when they fire off the Rokkits, then move into cover when they switch to the big shoota. They are almost as durable as a Slugga Nob, so engaging at range is not recommended unless you have a Lascannon. The best method would be to close to melee range, if possible, as their only melee attack is nowhere near as powerful as their ranged attacks.

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