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Kraken Bolts
Tactical 24x16Tactical csm 24x16
Kraken penetrator rounds
UnlockKill 50 enemies
DetailsBolter deals more damage to enemy Armor and can punch through targets.

Kraken Bolts is a Tactical weapon perk available after performing 50 kills with the Bolter.

Compared with standard bolter shells, Kraken rounds are markedly more effective against armor (improved from 11 to 17.5 damage against armor), though they cause the same damage to health (22 damage) and cause an 15% decrease in rate of fire.

Useful mostly for the armor damage bonus, but it's second effect is also useful, as all bolts fired pass through your target(s), but not cover, much like Stalker Bolter rounds. They are not as effective as plasma weapons for dealing with high armor targets (Iron Halo / Chaos Icon-equipped Devastators), but will quickly break the armor of Tactical or Assault marines in a handful of rapid hits.

Note that in the circumstance of shooting a target with shattered armor, standard bolts actually kill faster due to having the same health damage delivered at a higher rate. However, the lowered rate of fire when using Kraken Bolts reduces the effective recoil, and combines well with the Bolter Targeter perk.

The bright red bolt trails are considerably easier to spot though, so factor this in when there's a risk of return fire as it allows enemies to immediately pinpoint your position. This perk is extremely common and it should more or less be assumed that any Tactical marine armed with only a bolter will probably using it.

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