Lascannon Stabilizers
Devastator 24x16Havoc 24x16
Lascannon improved alt fire
ClassDevastator, Havoc
UnlockKill 30 enemies at extreme range
DetailsThe Lascannon handles better when firing.

Lascannon Stabilizers is a Devastator/Havoc weapon perk unlocked by making 30 Long Shot kills with either the Space Marine or Chaos Space Marine version of the Lascannon.


The Lascannon Stabilizers reduces the recoil of the Lascannon after its been fired, allowing the user to quickly readjust their aim for a second shot. This is most effective at maximum zoom levels or at very long distances.

Visual changes Edit

Choosing this Perk will change the appearance of the Lascannon and the Lascannon (Chaos).

Lascannon: a golden muzzle-breaker with an engraved eagle covers the standard one and golden details are added to the upper part of the hanguard.

Lascannon (Chaos): a demon face with two glowing green eyes envelopes the muzzle-breaker; also demon teeth and flesh cover parts of the lascannon.


Related perksEdit

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