Armor Mk6 Corvus

Mk6 'Corvus'

The Mk6 'Corvus' Power Armor is a power armor set in Space Marine multiplayer. It is unlocked by performing Assists.

Issued in the millennia after the Horus Heresy, while work was still underway on the Mk7 Aquila pattern, the Corvus power armor was once ubiquitous among Space Marine chapters. Its most distinctive and famous feature was a pointed helmet design, which was later abandoned for the straight look of the Aquila-pattern. These helmets were famous enough that for many millenia, a common Ork slang for 'human' was "beakie", and the helmet is still widely preferred and used by Assault Marines, who find its conical face to cut back on air resistance during long jumps.


  • Supportive: Perform 10 Assists in any Multiplayer game (+100 XP)
  • Stalwart: Perform 25 Assists in any Multiplayer game (Greaves and +250 XP)
  • Squadmate: Perform 50 Assists in any Multiplayer game (Breast Plate, Backpack and +500 XP)
  • Ally: Perform 100 Assists in any Multiplayer game (Shoulder Pads and +1000 XP)
  • Brother in Arms: Perform 200 Assists in any Multiplayer game (Helmet and +2000 XP)
  • Stand With Your Brothers: Perform 500 Assists in any Multiplayer game (+5000 XP)


  • Corvus is Latin for 'raven' and the name of a constellation.
    • However, the Roman Navy used the term "corvus" to describe boarding planks which had a claw or a hook on its end that would get stuck in the enemy ship's deck as the deployable "bridge" was dropped.

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