Plasma Pistol
Plasma pistol
DetailsThe MK III Sunfury Plasma Pistol fires balls of super-heated plasma. It can fire quick shots or a powerful charged blast. This weapon permanently replaces your Bolt Pistol.

The Plasma Pistol is a pistol-sized version of the Plasma Gun. In the single-player campaign of Space Marine, it is found during Chapter 6, and permanently replaces the Bolt Pistol if picked up, even in cutscenes.

Like the Bolt Pistol, the Plasma Pistol has unlimited ammunition, but can overheat. Press the reload button to vent heat quickly. The Plasma Pistol can also be charged to fire an explosive blast that sticks to whatever it hits, and detonates shortly after.

Strategy Edit

Since you have unlimited ammunition for it, and heat can be vented quickly, you can keep firing rapidly until just short of overheating, then vent. For aimed headshots, you can shoot - vent - shoot - vent a bit slower, keeping heat low and retaining the option to fire multiple shots quickly if an enemy manages to get close.

Before engaging in melee, you should generally use the pistol as much as you can while closing in. You can instantly start hacking away and the Plasma Pistol should have mostly cooled down by the time you finish the enemy.

The charged shot is useful against grouped up enemies, as the explosion will knock them down and slow their advance, probably killing several cannon fodder models like Shoota Boyz and Renegade Militia. Rapid fire will generally kill single targets faster, although charged shots can be used to stop them from closing in.


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