The Reaper Autocannon is a twin barreled autocannon that serves as the right-arm weapon of the Chaos Dreadnought, firing higher strength shots but at a slower rate of fire compared to the Imperial Assault Cannon mounted by the loyalist Dreadnought.

It has a magazine size of 70 shells, which must be reloaded when expended. Ammunition reserves, however, are unlimited. Although each shell is twice as damaging as a shot from the Assault Cannon, the rate of fire is exactly half, resulting in the same damage per second.

Like most automatic weapons, its accuracy is much higher when firing individual shots, compared to sustained full-auto fire, due to heavy recoil. Between this lower rate of fire, and the higher individual damage per shot the Reaper Autocannon is a more effective weapon for sharp-shooting targets at long distance, compared to the Assault Cannon.

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