Skar Boy
Ork icon 24
Health200 (Exterminatus 300)
DamageDamage 24x14Damage 24x14Damage 24x14

Skar Boyz are a tougher and more dangerous variant of Slugga Boyz, equipped with basic armour and more damaging weapons. You can identify them from the helmet, red armour bits and a reddish aura around them.

Strategy Edit

Skar Boyz are significantly more dangerous than regular Slugga Boyz, and on Hard difficulty a couple of these can take you to the cleaners in close combat. They need more hits to get stunned and endure a good bit of ranged fire. When they take sufficient damage, they go berzerk and scream Waaagh!, increasing their melee damage. You can recognize this by the red light emitted by their eyes and weapons.

If a melee mob includes Skar Boyz, keep your distance until the mob is thinned down. Kite them using your pistol or main weapon, possibly even a grenade. Only fight a single Skar Boy in straight melee. If you don't need health, consider using a stun attack such as the Chainsword stomp and then shooting the enemies while they get up.

Should the momentary situation make it necessary to fight Skar Boyz in close combat, note that unlike ordinary Slugga Boyz, they are not interrupted (thrown off balance) by the first two combo slashes from Titus' chainsword, so they will still cause damage with their attacks. Thus, against a single Skar Boy, open up with a light stun (backhand punch), which will interrupt them long enough to perform a killing combo. Alternatively, open with a full running charge to stun and/or knock down multiple Skar Boyz.